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Frequently Asked Questions



Your window cleaning appointment time

What I can expect while you are at my home


How may I acquire an estimate?

We typically provide estimates over the phone or in the form of
a proposal, which we can fax to you.

SIMPLY CALL US AT: (858) 484-8223


EMAIL US AT: info@prowindowcleaningsandiego.com

Is the estimate free?

Our company offers estimates completely free-- at absolutely no charge.

Does your company have insurance?

We are fully insured and will furnish insurance certificates, workers' compensation and references upon customer's request. We carry liability insurance and workers' compensation on all of our employees. Our window cleaners are also bonded for your protection.

Is it necessary for me to be at home during the window cleaning?

If you wish to be home during the window cleaning, we are happy to schedule an appointment which suits your schedule.  However, it is not always necessary for you to be home for the entire appointment.  We can start on the interior window cleaning and you can lock up your home and leave while we continue on the exterior, as long as your screens pop out.

In cases of vacancies, your presence is optional but not a necessity, as long as access is provided.

What is the purpose of the one-hour time frame for the window cleaner's arrival?

Our window cleaners may encounter traffic; or the job immediately before yours may run a little longer than anticipated.

Do your window cleaners take any precautions on carpeted flooring?

Yes, all of our window cleaners are instructed to take extra caution by removing their shoes prior to entering your home.

Will your ladders scratch my hardwood floors?

It is our customary policy that the window cleaners place a protective pad beneath the legs of all ladders used within the home to avoid any slipping that might scratch up your floors.

Is it possible for you to clean windows that appear foggy?

If the fog lies in between two separate window panes, then we would not be able to clean it. Our suggestion is to contact your window manufacturer and check if your windows still have a valid warranty.

Will window cleaning damage my tinted windows?

If the tint is older than six weeks, it is highly unlikely that the window cleaning will damage or wrinkle your windows in any way.

How many window cleaners are coming to clean my windows?

Depending on the job size, the amount of window cleaners sent range from one to five per site.

Are your window cleaners familiar with alarm wired screens?

We are experienced with handling security screens; so we should not have any problems placing them back.

Do you supply your own equipment?

Yes, we provide our own supplies and equipment.

Should I cover or remove any furniture that the cleaners might drip on?

If you wish to do so.  It is highly recommended that you do cover any areas you are concerned with or prompt the window cleaner beforehand to take extra caution on specific areas or furnishings.  We especially recommend that pianos be covered before we arrive.

How do I pay for the window cleaning services?

Residential: Upon completion of the job to your satisfation, the window cleaner will collect a check. If you wish to pay by cash, that is fine. If you wish to pay by credit card, we accept Visa or MasterCard. A service charge is added to credit card payments in order to cover our costs.

Commercial: We are happy to invoice for our services. Please provide a fax number and billing address for invoicing purposes.